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Villa Santa Maria School




Academics - The Nurturing Classroom


Because we recognize the diverse educational needs of our students, our school is divided multiple learning centers. The classrooms further the Villa's mission to create a living and learning environment in which children are safe to trust that adults will take care of them thus encouraging them to try new behaviors that will allow them to succeed in their relationships and in school.


So, what does "The Nurturing Classroom" look like? At the Villa, the classroom is yet another environment in which the process of attachment is the focus. The child is included in the process of entering the classroom from the beginning of treatment so that he or she understands how the "trust of care" is transferred from the child care staff to the teacher. As the student teacher relationship is established, the child has permission to ask the teacher for everything he needs or wants and expresses feelings which the teacher channels into positive creative, expression. The teacher becomes a role model to the students by expressing her emotions honestly and directing genuine interactions among the students and herself. Ultimately, she empowers each student by allowing him or her to make positive choices in accordance with the specific learning needs of each child.


The Villa Santa Maria is accredited by AdvancED, the largest regional accrediting association in the United States.  Also, as a member of AdvancED, the Villa is a member of the Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation (CITA).  Enhancing student performance is the foundation of the accreditation.  Our membership with CITA helps keep the children’s moves between our educational program and their former school as seamless as possible.